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Effective fundraising presentations are essential to the success of the event.  Always present items in such a way where value and sentiment stands out. If you are displaying merchandise consider a prominent, dignified attractive display. Provide all the information regarding the item that is available. 

Fundraiser Craft Ideas

Make boxes of assorted printable greeting cards that can be issued as rewards for those donating a particular amount.  Use refillable ink cartridge and print light to save on the cost of ink.

1. Choose the printable greeting card template.

2. Download the card.

3. Print as many as you wish.

4. Order greeting card envelopes to size.

5. Trifold cards with scissor cut design or torn edges are a big hit. Using scrapbook scissors just cut around the edges or tear the edges one inch at a time. 

More info

Fundraising using Gift Cards

Fimark Home Online offers email and gift cards that can be issued as rewards for for donating a particular amount.

Send Printable or Email Gift Cards Fast! Send printable gift cards and gift certificates by email and add a personal message. Choose from four denominations: Order Here

Fundraising Using Prepaid Gift Cards
Select from a wide array of  event themed gift cards and add a special message. Plastic gift cards are sent by U.S. Postal Mail. Find debit and retailer gift cards for individuals and groups. Find corporate incentive programs with fast shipping. 

Select from a variety of colorful card face designs and occasion themes. Give a gift to family, friends, co-workers and business associates. Bulk orders available. Fimark Home Online makes it just that simple. Order Gift Cards Here. 

Your gift card usually reaches its destination in about 3-5 business days via U.S. mail. 

Participating Merchants of the following:

AMC Theatres Gift Card 

Black Angus Brinker Gift Card 

Build A Bear Gift Card 

Cabelas Gift Card 

Chili's Gift Card 

Color Me Mine Gift Card 

Dallas Cowboys Gift Card 

El Pollo Loco Gift Card 

Fashion Bug Gift Card 

Grinders & Such, Inc Gift Card 

Jack in the Box Gift Card 

Lane Bryant Limited Gift Card 

Too/Justice Lord & Taylor Gift Card 

Luby's Gift Card 

Max & Erma's Gift Card 

NFL Gift Card 

Old Chicago Gift Card 

Oregon Museum of Science Gift Card 

Red Robin Gift Card 

Regal Entertainment Gift Card 

Regis Salon Gift Card 

Rock Bottom Restaurants 

Ruby Tuesday Gift Card 

Sephora Shula's Gift Card 

Steakhouse Gift Card 

Spa & Salon Gift Card 

Wish Spa Finder Gift Card 

Subway Gift Card 

The Container Store Gift Card 

The Home Depot Gift Card 

Travelocity Gift Card 

Uno's Gift Card 

Yard HouseGift Card 

View By Retailer

Choose from an extensive retailer directory, find some of the cheapest gift cards deals online by ordering gift cards in bulk.
Order In Bulk

Amazon.com Fundraising Ideas

Amazon will pay you 5% on all purchases made by customers who linked to the Amazon site through your site!  Even better, if you link a specific book title they will pay you 15% of the purchase price!

How To Getting Started: 

1. The first thing you must do is go to www.amazon.com and find the link to their associate programs (usually it is the small links on the bottom of the page) and sign up!  

2. In the Associate's Members Only site they will have detailed information as to how to get the links.  

Example: Let's say your raising funds for a family reunion. You simply put a link to a book on your family reunion  website to Amazon and get 5% of all purchases.  

3. Many groups are encouraged to only shop at Amazon through your link.  It's a good idea to occasionally  email everyone the link  to remind them. 

4. If you know your groups likes and reading preferences, list  books that you recommend.  They could be books pertaining to your cause, or if your fundraiser is at school you can recommend great titles for young readers and teachers and staff.

Poetic Art Fundraising Ideas

During a family reunion program many are deeply moved by poems presented by recital. Such poems take on new meaning with the passing of time.  They are a stamp in time that give a memory it's substance and a mission it's value.

Poetic art is a combination of Legendary Heritage Heirlooms series art and the poems of Mark Askew. Family reunion themed poetic art is a unique concept in design and presentation. These art forms make an excellent keepsake gift particularly attendees who are or who aspire to become elders of the paternal house. Print and download or order framed and artist signed poetic art. More Info

The Entertainment Book Fundraiser 

The Entertainment Book website boasts raising over 50 Million dollars in fundraiser profits. The Fundraiser kit is free. 

The program allows email fundraising so participants don't have to travel to a fundraising meet to take part in the program. 

The Entertainment book fundraiser program is the brainchild of Entertainment Publications started in 1962. 

The company now boasts to be the leading marketer of discounts, merchant promotions via discount books and online coupons. Known for it's 2-for-1 discounts, the Entertainment Book features hundreds of coupons worth thousands of dollars.

The Entertainment Book Fundraiser site features community news related to shopping, travel, dining and hospitality in 100's of US metropolitan areas. You can even get travel tips and more. 

I consider the coupon book fundraiser to be a practical fundraiser and one of the most frugal cost saving tools ever devised. An effective ways of saving hundreds, even thousands while having the time of your life. Fine dining, entertainment, travel and so much more.  

Whether you're a student, family, group, small business or large corporation the 2010 Entertainment Book has the cost saving solution you've been looking for.

Fund Drives For Non-Profits, School, Community Organizations and Businesses
Entertainment Book Fundraising packages has great fund drive packages. Click Here

Entertainment Coupon Book Fund Drive Sells Itself

Every Entertainment Book is packed with HUNDREDS of deep discounts.

50% savings and 2 for 1 coupon deals at local grocery stores, restaurants, five star hotels, local attractions, sporting events, theme park discounts, dining, shopping and more.

Great For Fund Drives
Entertainment Publications, Inc. Specializes in Fundraisers that help you maximize earnings potential for a fund drive that's both fun and practical.

Discount Types Offered

The Entertainment discount card for

  • Fine dining at 2 for 1 discounts

  • 2 for 1 and 50% off coupons for casual dining and fast food restaurants

  • Dollars off attractions like Universal Studios and Lego land

  • Discount Baseball, Football and Basketball Tickets tickets

  • Discounts on Ski Lifts and Golf Courses

  • Airline Discounts

  • Hotel Discounts

Online Coupon Finder At Local Stores and Restaurants
Having difficulty finding a coupon. Registered Entertainment Users need only log on to the entertainment site and print hundreds of coupons for local and national use where ever you are.

Hotel Discounts
Cut your hotel costs in half with special entertainment member rates. Members save big when booking hotels throughout the country. Save hundreds at the top hotels in the United States. 

Sponsors include:
7-Eleven Coupons
Airline Coupons
Airport Parking Coupon
Alibris Coupon
Amazon Coupons
Amazon Cafe 
Ann Taylor Coupons
Arby's Coupons
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Avon Coupon
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Baby Coupons
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Buy Coupons
Camera Coupons
Car Coupons
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Casino Coupons
Cereal Coupons
Chicken Coupons
Chuck E Cheese Coupons
Cigarette Coupons
Circuit City Coupons
Cleaners Coupons
Coldstone Creamery
Coldwater Creek Coupons
College Coupons
CompUSA Coupons
Computer Coupons
Costco Coupons
Coupon Clipper
Coupon Codes
Crucial Coupon
Crutchfield Coupon
Deals Coupons
Dell Coupons
Dell Small Business Coupon
Diaper Coupons
Digital Coupons
Dining Coupons
Discount Coupons
Disney Coupons
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Family Reunion Keepsake Memory Booklet Fundraiser

1. Include exclusive group photos
2. Photos of ancestors
3. Family history notes
4. Stories
5. Genealogy presentation
6. Family Reunion Pics
7. Chairman Letter
8. Letter from town officials

Start Here 





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